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Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau playing the Fairport Cropredy Festival 2023

Sam Coates

Bob Oker

Brian O'Hanlon

Eric Rupert

Jada Star

Rebecca Seaver

Richie Owens

IMG_0249 (1).jpeg

Jada Star

In the Studio with Dolly Parton

The Incredible Chuck Rainey!!!

Playing with Chris Difford (the Squeeze) and Roger Daltrey (The Who)

Pedal Genius and Living Colour Bassist Doug Wimbish and The FunkMan himself TM Stevens

Verdine White and Kristian Attard, nothing else to say...

Always a treat to see Mark Hudson, he's produced everyone

Another ole Friend Brian Bromberg

Conan Bassist Mike Merritt

Recording with Tom McLean and Matt Hobson

Performed with the Infamous George Wein and Amazing Rodey Jones

Aldevis, John, Mattis, Kjetil and myself at The Black Gardenia in London

Lovely to chat with Roscoe Beck between working with Leonard Cohen and Oz Noy

Touring with Will Johns, Chris Gale drums, Lee Spreadbury keys

Great Drummer Jeff Brown

Me in the pit on the "Fosse" Tour


Paolo (pno), Kjetil (dr), John (trpt)and Aldevis (sx)

Scott Ambush and Julio Fernandez of Spyro Gyra with Randy Devitto and Steve Telaga after we opened for them

Great band Led by Aldevis Tibaldi(sax), Chris Gale (dr), John Eacott(trpt), Martin Gladdish(bone) and Paolo Losi(pno)

Chester Thompson and I watching Billy Cobham just destroy the 40 Anniversary Tama Gala

Playing bass while TM Stevens sings and back on drums is Mark King with Dave Marks on guitar and Gary Husband om keys

GK and Laney Summit Christine, Ian and Kristian

The Amazing Chris Taylor Artist Relations Guru at HeadStock (Ibanez/Laney)

One and Only Guitar man Dean Brown

Brugges with John, Gavin, Nevon and Fab

Liz Cass Band Tom(dr) Brendon(keys)

Billy "The Buddha" Dickens and Bill Clements amazing bass hang

Leland Sklar hanging at Dingwall Booth NAMM


Larry Mitchell grammy man himself

Mayhem with the Laney Cats, well actually James Laney, Chris Bibby, Paul Glover, Tom Weise and Roger Williams

Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, new inductee to the RnR Hall of Fame

Pleasure to hang with Peter Erskine both Hoshino guys

Great to see and hear Richie Owens, we played with Dolly back in the day

Ran into old mate Phil Chen (Jeff Beck Blow by Blow), told me how his ears don't work because of touring with the Doors

In the studio with the great Clem Cattini, amazing drummer has played with everyone

Killer saxes Larry Ankrum and Andrew Snapp, always great to have a pint and a laugh with

Always nice to see Nathan East

Aussie Trouble Kristian Attard and Patrick Farrell all bass all the time

Scott Ambush chatting about Bass

Perks of the job(ha ha) James Cross, Robyn Brown and Colin Galvin in Barbados

wonderful town

"Wonderful Town" international tour


CTS with Mike Sole(pno), Dave Anderson(dr) and Dylan Menzies(sax) recording our CD "for your Consideration"

bright lights

Bright Light band Liz Nantais, Scooter Pie and Scuz Brophy

Joe, Doc and Jeff in 1991

Jeff and Doc 2015 with Patrick

The Spyders in London

NashVegas Hang Nalani, TJ and the whole crazy gang!!!

Andy Williamson

The Zoltans at The Ship

Crew at Estudio 21 Alex Adelaide, Tiago Sena Silva, Miguel Marques, Daniel Correia and great trombonist Halász Ágoston

Met up with Kat Dyson (Prince fame) we played together years ago and Jason Langley great bassist

old pix of me and Mark Aaron James, don't ask about the hair

Jamming with Dney Bitencourt Brazilian Phemon and Ibanez Guitar Genius

rehearsing with Matt Munro Jr

Great night out wih the incredible owner of Rotosound Strings Jason How and GoToGuitars guys Tony Owen and Nicky James

Steve Bailey, Pretty Purdie and I

Aldevis Tibaldi, Chris Gale and Adam Berhens

Daniel Cooper and Melanie Dyer of Cooperstands

The Zoltans promo shot

The Zoltans gig

Running in to old friends Dennis Levy and John Wobbe

in the studio on the 1962 Hofner

The Zoltans w/ Johnny Miller(Glen's nephew) Richard, Karen, Bob,Gerry and Kristian

NAMM trouble with The 3 Stoogies Me, Kristian Attard and Alex Nava

Fun night out with seriously funny and great bassist Guy Pratt

Producing a album with Neil Murray on bass, Lee Spreadbury(keys)

Big Band on the Warwick Triumph Lite and Laney NEXUS SL Head and 2-10 Cab

Before the gig Ibanez TERRA FIRMA, Sire V7 and Laney NEXUS SL Head and 2-10 Cab and some Shure E3 in-ears

ready for the gig Ibanez BTB1405 and Laney NEXUS SL Head and 2-10 Cab

ready for the gig Sire V7 and Laney NEXUS SL Head and 2-10 Cab

Playing bass on The Fixx vocalist Cy Curnin's newest CD

Hangin' with TM Stevens and Mark King 1st year of The London Bass Guitar

Play with Pretty Purdie and Karen Briggs (Yanni)

travel is easy now

Laney NEXUS SL Head used without cabs direct, and the award goes to?

Poster for Trio Gig

In Europe with my fave band...and Dodie(my wife), Steve, Gilbert, Liz and Mike

gigging in the 90's with Gypsy Carns

Crazy Trio with Ray Perry(dr), Janusz Natali (keys)

Trev Lukather, Kristian Attard and me hanginin LA


Playing with Jim McNeely

killer gig with Dan Redner (keys) and Alex Hamel (dr)

DREAMSCAPE circa 1980's Jay North(gtr), me, Chip Becker(voc), Troy Berry(gtr)

Watching Grammy Award Winning Producer IAN COOPER do his thing at Metropolis Studios

Sunday Pub fun with Dan Dibdin

Clinic Day at Headstock Distribution

Aldevis Tibaldi on sax

Paul Price too may strings

Dave Hammer recording vibes on Paul Prices CD The Four

Paul Dufour recording drums on Paul Prices CD The Four

me recording on Paul Prices CD The Four

NAMM with Stewart McKinsey

Lovely Ms. Jones performs in the Royal Albert Hall's ELGAR ROOM

Semma performing in the Elgar Room with Tom McLean on guitar and Cillian O Siail on drums

Some friends and I at the old 12 Bar Denmark St

Sam Johnson performing in London with Neil Brocklehurst on drums

Getting to share the stage with Mr. Steve Vai at the last London Excel Guitar Show

Hotel gear ready for the road...

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