74' Ibanez Jazz     78' Matsomoku Jazz      74' Ibanez Jazz         
78' Fretless  71' Fretted Ibanez Precisions  
72' Columbus Jazz  79' Tokai Fretless   Custom J&D Jazz V
BTB Series
Prestige 1405       Fretless and Fretted Terra Firma 686's    7 Limited Edition
70's Ibaenz 51       74' Ibanez Ric Copy       68' Ibanez Tele
Ibanez UB804 Electric Uprite

Sire V7 Alder and Ash

Copy of Eric_JLImages001_edited.jpg
Laney SLS112, PRA Audio Wireless and Stentor Upright Bass w/ K&K Pickup
PRA AUdio WiC.jpg
PRA Audio WiC Wireless System
Laney ezy rig.jpg
My Fly Rig: Nexus SLS Head with Built -in Effects,
PRA Audio Systems Wireless WiC, Coin Guitar Picks
and the CNZ Audio Tuner
HipShot D-Tuners on almost all my 4-string basses
Laney Nexus Rig SL Head, N-210 and N-115 cabs        
Coin Guitar Picks.jpg
The Original Coin Guitar Picks made by mate Ruvane in Ohio (left)
Tone Filled DR Strings Legend Flatwounds, Lo and HI-Riders, Fat-Beams, Sunbeams and Drop-Down Tuning
AudioFly Headphones.jpg
AudioFly In-Ear Headphones
Nordy Mute
Leo Quan Badass Bridges, Nordstrand NJ4v and NJ5v Pickups on my 79' Tokai Fretless and CNZ Jazz V with a 78' Matsumoku Jazz with 80's EMG 35 pickups
wayde gig.jpg
79' Tokai Fretless,74'  Ibanez Jazz Bass, Nexus SLS Head and N-410 Cab with the Ibanez UB804 Electric Upright
Black Water Ukulele and the Nexus SLS head
and N-210 cab
My Lawsuit Collection of Various Fujigen Made
Basses all Precision and Jazz Styles

Nordstarnd Audio StarLifter Preamp

CNZ Audio Mini Pedal Board (above)
Vintage Japanese Boss (below)
NordyMute for 4/5/6 String Basses and Upright
73' Ric, 02' EDA, 75' Jazz, 85' Axstar, 71' Precision, Laney Nexus SL head and N-210 Cab, BTB686 Fretless and Fretted, BTB1405 and BTB7LE (from Left to Right)
Laney Nexus SL 1000 watt Head and Nexus N-210 Cabinet
Heading 6