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   It's been my privilege to have worked with rock, pop, jazz, country and Broadway/West End talents for over 30 years. Originally from Springfield, Ohio and beginning as a tuba player, then urged to take up the double bass by Conductor John Smarelli. My first bass teachers John Wobbe and Jeff Sandow who both instilled in me about preparation,  sight-reading and knowing styles. Since then my career has been as varied as my travels. Starting out with taking lessons from my mentors Ray Brown on jazz double bass and Jeff Andrews on electric bass, learning styles from East Coast to the West Coast and international music.   

   My work and motivation was soon rewarded when I started to play professionally at the age of 19 with Dr. John and quickly moved to performing with Dizzy Gillespie and onto Broadway shows with Joel Grey, Michael Crawford and Byron Nease.
  The late 80's and early 90's I moved to Detroit getting to play behind and honing my bass chops with the likes of Earl Klugh, Bob James, Alexander Zonjic and loads more. A lot of help came from great bassist like Al Turner and Nathan Brown, luckily being able to be apart of Earl Van Dyke’s band (Funk Brothers keyboardist fame).

   Living in and out of New York getting to meet and work  with the likes of Hiram Bullock and some NYC heavies, I deciding to move South to "NashVegas". Nashville in the mid-90's I was able to work as a on-call studio player and covering for road guys then jumped at the chance to record and tour with Dolly Parton.

   While doing Bass Clinics and Product Development between touring with every Broadway Tour possible i was visiting Europe regularly. I really enjoyed the music and musicians there. After finishing a stint as musical Director for Radisson/ Regent Cruises Lines in London I decided to hang for awhile.

   So, Moving to the UK in the mid-naughties, Got a call for my first studio date in London, Abbey Road! Since then I've enjoyed playing bass in the studios around London, depping for West End shows and for live gigs throughout Europe, while also  getting the chance to produce new artists for several labels. In 2010 I was asked to perform as part of the Juilliard Jazz and Chris Diffords Songs in the Key of Sea cruises aboard Queen Mary II. A short dep with Roger Daltrey plus in 2013 i got the call to record with Cy Curnin (The Fixx), since then I have my home studio "Rupert's Rooftop Bass Lounge" where I record bass tracks and Produce for artists all over the world.

   Since living in Europe i have forged a great relationship with HeadStock Distribution which handles Ibanez Basses and own Laney Amplification.

Quoted by Chris Taylor (Artist Relations) at Headstock Distribution as

   “one of the industry’s hardest working bass players”

   My work as a sideman and Producer have allowed me to work with the industries biggest names to new artists just trying to make a difference.

   I've been priviledged to performed behind the likes of Roger Daltrey, Slash, Hiram Bullock, Chris Difford, Willie Nelson, Tony Bennett, The Rembrandts, Phil Woods, Rodney Jones and Bernard “Pretty” Purdy to name a few. I'm looking forward to more touring overseas and session work over the coming year.

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