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Bass Player Tributes

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A Tribute to Bassist Joe Osborn

Joe Osborn (August 28, 1937 – December 14, 2018) was an American bass guitar player known for his work as a session musician in Los Angeles with the Wrecking Crew and Nashville with the A-Team of studio musicians during the 1960s through the 1980s I've chosen one of my favourite songs with a beautiful bass line of Joe's "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

I met Joe back in the early 90's when I moved to Nashville, such a genuine cat. He told so many stories of the Wrecking Crew days and their antics in LA.

I hope you enjoy and Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Rupert's Rooftop Bass Lounge or go to my Website for more projects like this and find out about my gear, where I'm playing or who I've played with and all the music companies I proudly use their "Toys." A big shout out to Carey Nordstrand, James Daniel Laney and Lisa and Trevor Coley from Sontronics Microphones for all the support

A Tribute to Unsung Hero and Bassist Boz Burrell

(Bad Company, King Crimson)

Raymond "Boz" Burrell (1 August 1946 – 21 September 2006)

 Originally a vocalist and guitarist, Burrell is best known for his bass playing and work with King Crimson and Bad Company.

An English musician born in Lincolnshire. As a teen in the 1950s, he began playing rhythm guitar for the Tea Time 4, a group formed with his school pal Bernie Rudd. They both acquired a passion for jazz and enjoyed acts such as Mose AllisonJohn Coltrane, and Charlie Mingus. The group had several personnel changes and moved to London in 1965 at the suggestion of manager, Jack Barrie. With the addition of Ian McLagan on keyboard and a name change to Boz People, the group secured a contract with EMI's Columbia label.

Burrell's style leaned more towards jazz, whereas McLagan was into Booker T, four singles being recorded and backing band slots with Kenny Lynch and Elkie Brooks. However, with little commercial success McLagan soon left to join The Small Faces.

Burrell next enjoyed a short stint in the soul band, Feel For Soul, back in Norwich from 1966 until the following year. In late 1965, Burrell was briefly considered to replace Roger Daltrey in The Who.[6][7][8][9]

In 1968 Burrell recorded a cover of Bob Dylan's "Down in the Flood" released as a single simply as 'Boz'. He was joined by organist Jon Lord, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and drummer Ian Paice, who formed Deep Purple at the same time, and bassist Chas Hodges, later of Chas and Dave fame. Burrell later appeared on Centipede's 1971 recording Septober Energy.

He died of a heart attack in Spain on 21 September 2006, aged 60.

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